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Kalea C1 Futura
A Lift with Comfort & Style

Are you looking for a comfortable and cost-efficient lift solution, which is fast and easy to build? The Kalea C1 Futura is the world’s only screw-driven cabin lift with automatic drive and telescopic sliding doors. Thanks to our smart, ready-made concept, your cabin lift can be delivered and installed much faster than conventional lift solutions.

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What is a Cabin Lift?

A cabin lift can be described as a hybrid solution between a vertical platform lift and a conventional passenger lift. Instead of travelling on an open platform inside a lift shaft, you travel in a fully enclosed cabin.

Cabin lifts do not travel as fast as conventional passenger lifts, but they offer you other great advantages, such as short delivery time, fast installation and space-efficiency.

Watch the video to find out what is like to travel with the Kalea C1 Futura!

All-inclusive Cabin Lift

The lift is delivered in ready-made elements and includes everything you need for installation. Even a ready-made lift shaft is available.

Low Building Costs

Thanks to its compact, ready-made concept, the Kalea C1 Futura has minimal structural impact, which also reduces your building costs.

Space-saving Design

The integrated machine room, low top height and reduced lift pit, make it easy to fit your cabin lift, even when the space is very limited.

Fast & Easy Installation

Because of the ready-made and space-efficient construction, it is possible to install a 2 stop cabin lift in less than one working week.

Machine Room Less Lift

The screw-driven machinery is compact enough to fit inside the lift shaft, there is no need for a separate machine room.

Lift Pit of Only 10 cm

A lift pit of 10 cm is all you need. It is also possible to install the lift directly on the floor and create an access ramp for it.

Reduced Top Height

The top height of the Kalea C1 Futura is only 2450 mm on the top floor, which is low enough to fit under almost any ceiling height.

Cabin Interior

To offer you the highest level of comfort, the Kalea C1 Futura is operated with automatic drive from the landings and inside the cabin. Whether you go for classic push buttons, or touchscreen, does not matter. All controls of the lift are always with automatic, one-touch drive.

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