Quality & Safety

Lifts Designed with Quality and the highest standards of Safety in mind.

Quality Commitment

Our commitment to excellence and quality assurance runs through all aspects of our work. It begins with our Research and Development team who are a step ahead of industry trends, and can provide the latest recommendations with assurance. It follows through into the products we choose to recommend to our clients ensuring that safety and sustainable underpin those choices.

Our installation and servicing teams we use to install and maintain our lifts are all qualified with a wealth of experience in the mechanics of lifts. Our commitment to excellence and quality does not end as soon as your lift installation is complete. Continued quality service and the nurturing of client relationships is what has made Lift Design one of the most enduring companies in Western Australia within the lift design industry.

Quality Assurance

Lift Design’s Manufacturing Facilities of complete Lift Packages have been carefully selected and scrutinised to meet the globally recognised standard of ISO9001. Integrated quality systems adopted for all projects Carefully compiled construction programs.

Australian Standards AS 1735 Australian Building Codes.

In order to be Australia’s local Lift Supplier and constantly expanding our presence Australia over, Lift Design is able to offer a growing number of Lift Packages that conform with all Lift Regulations such as the Australian Standards, BCA and including the new access Code.  With a large range of fully certified compliant Lift Packages, we are sure to find you the optimum solution.  Just send the existing installation information and we will do the rest.

Occupational Health & Safety

Lift Design recognises and accepts all its obligations under the Occupation Health and Safety Legislation to take all practical steps to safe guard the Health and Safety of its Staff and Customers. Fully committed to a safe and healthy work environment OH&S Management System including sub-contract agreements adheres to the National Code of Practice for the construction industry.

Environmental Management & Sustainability

At Lift Design we are absolutely committed to protecting and improving the Environment and this is reflected in our socially conscious and eco-friendly day-to-day practices.

These principals form a central part of our Corporate Vision and Values and they are expressed and implemented in every aspect of our Company’s performance.

We are continually scrutinising our Manufacturing facilities to be fully compliant with the Environmental Management Standard ISO1400 as a part of our criteria.

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Meeting the highest standard of quality and safety our the range of European designed lifts.

After Sales Service

A quality lift needs a team of experts with extensive knowledge and at call availability. 

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