Lift Service & Repairs

Ongoing lift maintenance and technical assistance when you need it.

Our service doesn’t end once we have installed your lift. With a Lift Design Maintenance schedule you can rest assured that your lift is in optimal condition at all times. For those times when something unexpected does occur, then Lift Design are available 24/7 and we can have a technician to you within the same day.

Why Lift Servicing is Necessary and How Often it Should Be Done

The Lift Design Difference

The features and capabilities of our service that set us apart from others.

How Often Should
I Service My Lift

The average residential lift should be serviced at least twice per year, with 3 times per year our recommendation. You can talk to Lift Design about your lift usage and we will recommend the most appropriate service frequency for your lift.

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Service Fees:

RESIDENTIAL LIFT CALLOUT : Our minimum callout in Perth is $440 + GST. After 1.25 hours onsite $220 + GST per hour.

RESIDENTIAL LIFT SERVICE: Our minimum service charge is $500 + GST. After 1.25 hours onsite $220 + GST per hour.

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