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Kalea Outdoor Lift
Enjoy Outdoor Living

An outdoor lift creates a seamless flow between the indoors and the outdoors, making it easier and more comfortable than ever to enjoy your garden or terrace. In addition, installing a lift on the outside of the building is a great solution if you do not have enough room for a lift inside. Kalea outdoor elevators come in two wheelchair-friendly sizes and the design is easy to adapt to most architectural styles.

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Discover our Outdoor Lifts

Our outdoor elevators are available in two wheelchair-friendly sizes: 1000 x 1467  and 1100 x 1467 mm (w x d). The outdoor concept includes the following equipment to ensure that your lift is weather resistant:

  • Slanted outdoor roof to protect the lift from rain and snow.
  • Rust proof AL5 aluminum doors.
  • Door canopies in plexiglas or steel.
  • Sealed weather resistant call buttons.
  • Sealed glazed shaft panels.
  • Bottom frame with anti corrosive coating.
  • Electrical compartment with flooding protection.

Our outdoor elevators are designed for a temperature range of approximately -10 °C to +30°C. To handle more extreme climates, we offer additional options for temperature control, such as AC ready lifts and heating solutions.

Weather Resistant Lift

Our outdoor lifts are designed for a temperature span of about -10° to +30° Celsius and will resists in very tough weather conditions, such as rain and snow.

All Inclusive Concept

Your platform lift is delivered in prefabricated elements, as an all-inclusive concept. Every element you need is included, even a ready-made shaft enclosure.

Minimal Footprint

Kalea platform lifts have a very space-efficient construction. In fact, the passenger space constitutes as much as almost 70% of the total footprint of the lift.

Fast Delivery & Installation

Thanks to our ready-made, space-saving lift concept, it is possible for us to manufacture your outdoor lift in just a few weeks and install it in as little as 3-5 days.

Low Top Height

To resist to the changing weather, your lift needs a roof to protect it. But even including the outdoor roof, the top height of the lift does not exceed 2,5 m.

No Lift Pit is Needed

All your outdoor lift needs for installation is a good and drained foundation. You then install the lift directly on the foundation, or with a shallow pit of 5 cm.

Machine Room Less Lift

Our platform lifts have a compact construction. That also goes for the machinery, which fits inside the lift shaft to avoid the need for a separate machine room.

The Lift Platform

The platform control panel has an ergonomic design, which includes floor buttons, an alarm button and an emergency stop button. To keep you safe at all times, the elevator platform is also equipped with safety edges, an emergency phone and battery emergency lowering as standard.

According to European Standards, the floor buttons operate with hold-to-run (constant pressure on the button), while the call buttons on the doors run with automatic drive (one-touch). For countries outside of Europe, other standards may apply. Please contact us, or your closest Kalea dealer, for more information.

Space-saving Lift Solution

If you need a lift but have no room for it inside, installing one outdoors is a great option. Our outdoor elevators not only offer you comfortable access to your outdoor areas but preserve your indoor space . Thanks to our compact, ready-made lift concept, the lift will integrate seamlessly with your property, requiring only minor building alterations.

Would you still prefer to have your lift inside? Then the Kalea Luna could be the perfect lift solution for you. The Kalea Luna comes in a wide range of platform sizes and the smallest size fits in just 1m2!

Flexible Door Access

Does your property require a lift with  doors on several sides of the shaft? No problem! Our outdoor elevators can have doors on all sides of the lift shaft, except on the machinery side.

This photo shows an example of a lift with adjacent (90 degree) access.

Platform Lift with a High Standard

Available in 20 different lift sizes, the Kalea Luna not only offers you more flexibility than ever. The lift model also comes with many cool and versatile standard features to make your lift more beautiful to look at and comfortable to use.

Recessed LED Ceiling

The elegant recessed ceiling framed by energy-saving LED lights is part of our standard equipment.

Panoramic Shaft & Doors

The panoramic glazing of the lift shaft and doors offers you more transparency and light than ever.

Upgraded Drive System

Thanks to the upgraded drive system, the Kalea Luna is our most silent and energy-efficient lift to date.

Safety Edges with LED

The floor safety edges stop the lift at the slightest touch, and the LED lights add a cool and futuristic effect.

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