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Kalea A4 Mini
A Compact Home Lift

The Kalea A4 Mini is a residential platform lift with a neutral and contemporary design, created to fit into small and very narrow spaces. That is why it is so easy for this lift to blend in seamlessly with your home and lifestyle. Once you have it, you will never be able to imagine life without it!

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This is a Platform Lift

The Kalea A4 Mini is a vertical platform lift. Simply put, a platform lift does not have an enclosed lift cabin. You travel on an open platform in an enclosed lift shaft instead. Platform lifts travel a lower speed than conventional lifts, but offer several other advantages, such as shorter delivery time, faster installation and greater space-efficiency.

Watch the video to get a taste of what the Kalea A4 Mini can do for you!

According to European Standards, hold-to-run platform controls are mandatory, but outside Europe, other regulations may apply. Please contact your Kalea dealer for more information.

All-inclusive Lift Concept

The Kalea A4 Mini is delivered in ready-made elements that include everything you need for installation, even the lift shaft.

Plug & Play Electrics

All electrics are plug and play and your Kalea home lift lift runs on standard household electricty. No electrical adaptation is necessary.

A Lift for Tiny Spaces

The Kalea A4 Mini is so small that it can be fitted in a space 1,2 m2. I you have room for a closet, you have room enough for a lift.

Installation in 2-3 days

Thanks to our ready-made, low-impact lift concept, lift installation is fast and easy. Your lift will be installed in just a few days.

Fits Under Any Ceiling

Your lift only needs a headroom of 2,3 m on the top floor for standard doors. You require even less headroom, if you choose a gate for the highest floor.

No Need for a Lift Pit

You do not need a lift pit to install the Kalea A4 Mini. The lift can either be installed directly on the floor with an access ramp, or with a shallow pit of 5 cm.

Machine Room Less Home Lift

With our platform lifts, what you see is what you get. The lift machinery is compact enough to fit inside the lift shaft, there is no need for a separate machine room.

Kalea A4 Mini Platform Controls

The platform controls are ergonomic and user-friendly. They include floor buttons, an alarm button and an emergency stop button. In addition, the platform is equipped with safety edges, an emergency telephone and battery emergency lowering as standard.

According to European Standards, the floor buttons need to be operated by hold-to-run (constant pressure on the button), while the call buttons on the doors are operated with automatic drive (one-touch). Countries outside of Europe may allow platform controls with automatic drive. Please contact us, or your closest Kalea dealer, for more information.

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