Retrofit Lift Solutions

Keep your memories alive and add 10% Value to your property.

The situation may arise where a lift is required in a multi-level home that previously did not have one. Where stairs were once fine, through advancing years or a reduction in mobility, they may now present a problem. This can restrict you from having full access to parts of your house, reducing your ability to fully enjoy your family home. 

A retrofitted lift is the ideal solution, allowing you to stay in the family home and adding exceptional value. Over the last 25 years, Lift Design have fitted hundreds of complete lift packages to homes as well as commercial buildings all over Australia.

Lift Design use the latest European design and technology for outstanding quality, style, range and warranty. 

Features of a Retrofit Solution

  • Warranty – 5 year comprehensive warranty (Best in trade)
  • Range – A wide variety of standard design combinations or 100% customised to suit your home or commercial space.
  • Quality & Style – Designed & manufactured in Sweeden
  • One-Stop – We make it easy for you. Our price includes design, engineering, plans, council approval, building works and installation.
  • Maintenance – Affordable options to ensure your asset lasts a lifetime
  • Prices – Our pricing is competitive without compromising on quality

Is a Retrofit Possible?

You would be surprised about how adaptable our lift solutions can be. The staff at Lift Design are more than happy to discuss the possibility of retrofitting a lift in your established home or commercial building. 

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