Why Lift Servicing is Needed and How Often It Should Be Done.

Why Service a Lift

When installing a Lift, whether it be in a commercial building or home residence, it is important to also consider the cost and frequency of regular servicing. Regular servicing dramatically reduces the risk of lift faults developing, but this isn’t the only benefit to be found.

Benefits of Servicing a Lift

Servicing a Lift Improves Safety

How many times have we heard that fictitious story, of a lift cabin plummeting down a shaft in “free fall”?

In reality, this can’t happen, because lifts have multiple safety systems in place to prevent it, and one safety arrests cabin movement if overspeed limit is reached. However, a lift that is not maintained can still present some less dramatic risks that have safety implications. A poorly maintained lift may, for example, experience electrical failure impacting on lighting, ventilation, control or door operation. Having your lift regularly serviced is the best way to reduce the risk of component breakdown.

Servicing a lift reduces risk by preventing serious damage through early detection. A qualified LiftDesign technician has the training to make all of the necessary checks to ensure the lift and its many components are operating safely.

A LiftDesign service gives you peace of mind.

Servicing a Lift Extends its Operational Life.

A Lift is a significant cost to any home or commercial premises. Extending operation of the lift for the longest time is the best way to ensure that you have obtained good value on your investment. Regularly servicing your lift is the way to extend its life to the maximum.

During a lift service, a qualified LiftDesign technician will perform general maintenance but will also be on the lookout for minor issues that could escalate into larger problems if not acted on.

A LiftDesign service ensures you will get many years out of your lift.

Servicing a Lift Saves You Money

Having your lift regularly serviced can save you a considerable amount of money. Over time the energy efficiency of a lift reduces as various components slowly begin to wear. Having a qualified LiftDesign technician service your lift means that your lift is running at maximum efficiency, reducing running costs.

A poorly maintained lift is much more likely to develop a serious fault that requires an emergency after-hours callout. A service agent such as LiftDesign is able to provide 24/7 emergency callout when needed. Of course, having a regularly serviced lift means that it is unlikely that you will ever need to make that emergency call.

A LiftDesign Service Contract saves you money.

How Often Should I Service My Lift

The average residential lift should be serviced at least twice per year, with 3 times per year our recommendation. You can talk to LiftDesign about your lift usage and we will recommend the most appropriate service frequency for your lift.

Commercial Lifts are likely to be used more often than residential lifts, and an appropriate service frequency should form part of any commercial building manager or owners Risk Management Plan. LiftDesign would generally recommend 6 services per year on a bi-monthly schedule as the optimal maintenance frequency for lifts in commercial or public areas. With LiftDesign as your contracted service agent, you will have qualified technicians ensuring your lift is running safely and at optimal efficency.

LiftDesign will look after your lift service schedule for you.

Why Choose LiftDesign to Service Your Lift

A Team With Experience

LiftDesign have been servicing lifts for 3 decades. Our technicians are qualified, experienced and enthusiastic in their work. Over the years lift technology has progressed and the expertise of our technicians has continued to evolve with it and because of this, we are confident that we can provide the best service available.

Our Value for Money Guarantee

Because of low overheads, and having managed Lifts since 1990, we happily guarantee the best value for money Lift Maintenance Agreements in Australia for you or your client. We beat any written quote by a reputable company with 10+ years of Servicing History.

Availability and Efficiency

When it comes to getting your lift serviced you can relax in knowing that you will have someone available when needed. Our staff are both efficient and organised. We will have your service scheduled well in advance so we can be there on time. We are also available on-call 24/7 for the likely event that you will need an emergency callout.


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