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Kalea B385
Best accessibility and simplicity

Kalea B385 has been designed to provide a cost-effective solution for easy access in the majority of environments; private, public and commercial.

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Kalea B385 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions. This lift is designed to make entrances of apartments, public buildings and shops more accessible. Kalea B385 takes up little space and
requires only 60 mm pit or ramp. It is designed for 2 stops and has a maximum travel of 3 metres. The screw-driven machinery is protected within a closed-off, integrated machine room. Since this lift requires very little building work, Kalea B385 is suitable for both existing and new buildings.


The lift is easy to install since it does not need a separate machine room or shaft. In addition, the Kalea B385 can be installed in one day with the possibility to be placed directly on the ground. The foundation
should be molded and stand the lift load, approximately 800 kg totally. In addition to low installation costs, the platform lift has a low operation and
maintenance costs.


  • The control panel has easy to use tactile braille push buttons, emergency light and emergency stop
  • A pressure-sensitive plate is located under the platform that will stop any further downward movements if any object should get in the way of the lift when moving down.

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