New Lift Sizes & Options for 2022

We are happy to announce that we are launching 6 new platform sizes for our 300-500 kg platform lifts and 3 new cabin sizes for the C1 cabin lift! In addition, we are introducing several new options for the C1 cabin lift.

6 New Platform Sizes

Cibes Air Plattform Lift

In week 39, we are launching 6 new platform sizes for our 300-500 kg platform lifts:

  • 600×830
  • 800×930
  • 900×830
  • 900×930
  • 900×1217
  • 1000×1367

The above sizes are available for Cibes A5000 /A4000 /Air and Kalea A4 Primo /Mini /Kosmos. First deliveries from factory in week 42/45/47.

3 New Cabin Lift Sizes

Office Lift with Glass Cabin

In week 39, we are also launching 3 new cabin lift sizes:

  • 900×950
  • 900×1200
  • 900×1400

The above sizes will be available for the Cibes C1 Pure and Kalea C1 Futura. All new sizes are available with our modular shaft, or without (installation in a site-built shaft). First deliveries from factory on March 1st 2022.

New Options & Accessories

Cabin Lift New Options & Accessories

We are also launching the following new options for the C1 cabin lifts:

  • Horizontal control panel (EN 81-70 compliant design) combined with 50×50 mm call buttons and vertical service panel in stainless steel.
  • Double control panels B & D
  • Tag reader for touchscreen control panel inside the cabin
  • Cover plate for lift pit in any RAL or premium colour
  • Wall mounted mirror side A/C
  • Wall mounted mirror side B

Available in EOS in week 39, first possible deliveries from factory on March 1st 2022.

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