5 Ways a Lift In Your Home Can Benefit You

A Lift Can Be a Design Statement

Having a lift installed in your home may seem like a luxury to some. For others, through necessity or design, the value of a home lift far exceeds any initial investment. Here are 5 ways that a lift can benefit you:

Improved Mobility & Living

There may come a time in your life where mounting that set of stairs in your home becomes too difficult. Often this happens as we get older where our ability to get around can diminish as we become less agile. The installation of a lift can dramatically increase the time spent in our homes before having to downsize or make alternative living plans.

For others, who live permanently with a disability, the planning of a lift in a new home means that they aren’t restricted from having that second story and the increased living space and fantastic views that come with it. A lift can give you the freedom to have the home you want and there are several lifts designed specifically with mobility in mind.

Some of us may go through the experience where a disability occurs suddenly and unexpectantly. It is times like these where the value of a lift can be truly appreciated and there are many retrofit lift solutions available that make it possible to install a lift in any existing multi-story home.

Make Life Easier For Your Pets

Pets in Lift
A lift can benefit all members of the household

We love our pets and while many of us may hesitate at the idea of installing a lift just for our non-human friends, it is a great secondary benefit and they will certainly appreciate it.

It is a sad fact that our pets age quicker than we do and that means the time when they can no longer get up the stairs is going to come quicker as well. Having a lift means that our mature-age, four-legged friends can still enjoy all of those places that they love and they can curl up with us at night as we relax in our upstairs living area.

It isn’t just for older pets, though. Not many of us plan our house around our pets, and we don’t consider that one day we may opt for a smaller animal friend. For the small pet, a set of stairs can be challenging at the best of times. Having a lift can benefit pets of any age, shape or size.

Move large and heavy items between levels

For anyone who has had to manoeuvre a piece of furniture up a flight of stairs, the benefit of a lift is obvious. Manoeuvring up a staircase can make a one or two-person job suddenly become three or four. Minor injuries and cursing are commonplace, not to mention some scratches on the furniture or maybe worse.

A lift makes the job so much easier. It could actually be the difference between you choosing to add a nicely designed piece of furniture to your upstairs living space. You reduce the risk to yourself and to the likelihood of the item being damaged.

Note: Passenger lifts are not designed for moving goods, so please take care when moving larger items in your lift. Remember to check the weight of the item plus passengers does not exceed the load rating of your lift and that you also still have suitable manoeuvrability for moving around the item and accessing lift controls. In some circumstances, it may be better to opt for a goods lift

Increase the Value of Your Home

Adding a lift to your home is going to improve the value of your home. We estimate on average a home’s value is increased by around 10% by installing a lift. You don’t have to be thinking about your advancing years, you can enjoy the benefits of a lift at any age, knowing that in future years the value of your lift will increase the value of your home.

Make a Design Statement

A Lift is not only practical. It can make a very bold statement about you, your home and lifestyle. Modern lifts are stylish objects in themselves, but can now be customised with features and finishes to blend seamlessly into the home decor. A panoramic lift with glass walls can make your lift a focal point in an open plan environment or as an exterior lift.

A4 Primo Platform Lift with Panoramic Glazing
A lift can make a bold design statement within your home.


A lift can seem like an opulent choice, but while it can speak of opulence we should never forget the true value of installing a lift. The true value of a lift is that it creates freedom. Freedom of movement for all members of the household (two or four-legged) and freedom of choice by expanding the opportunities available to us in our home. Combine that freedom with the fact that you are value-adding and it is easy to see how a lift can benefit any multi-story home.

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