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Silens Pro Vanguard IV

The efficient solution for large loads

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Silens Pro Vanguard IV

The Silens Pro Vanguard IV is a machine-roomless lift with permanent magnets gearless traction, ideal for shopping centres, hospitals, hotels or other facilities between 40 and 60 metres in height.

  • The Silens Pro Vanguard IV is a robust, reliable and highly durable lift.
  • It incorporates a gearless motor which is ecological, compact, lightweight and designed to occupy as little space as possible inside the shaft.
  • Very low energy consumption.
  • Easy to install and maintain. Specific installation tools available on request.
  • Equipped as standard with the Direct Approach to Floor, giving the lift unbeatable travel comfort.
  • Meets the new standards EN81-20 and EN81-50.

Technical fact sheet

  • Load:
    1275 Kg
  • Rate Speed:
    1 y 1,6 m/s
  • Minimum pit depth:
    1300/1400 mm
  • Overhead Clearance:
    3600 – 3850 mm
  • Roping Ratio: 2:1
  • Entrance Configuration: 0 y 180°

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