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The MH is a service lift designed for vertical transport of small loads in the home. One of its main advantages is its adaptability. It can be wall-mounted or with a self-supporting structure, can have a hydraulic or electrical drive and there are more customisations available.

  • Lift Car : Up to 3 possible accesses on one level, supporting tray included as standard with other trays available as options. Car doors also available as an option
  • Vertical bi-parting door with lock electrical security contact. Automatically operated doors also available.
  • Call and send push-buttons for all levels.


  • Rated Load 50 - 100 kg
  • Max Speed 0.35 m/sec

    Metres per Second

  • Drive / Motor Type Hydraulic / Electric
Control System / Shaft Reading
This product features the Direct Approach floor system to offer an unbeatable ride

Shaft Specifications

  • Minimum Headroom
  • Pit Depth N/A

    Metres per Second

  • Shaft Size

    Width x Depth

Car / Cabin Specifications

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