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The Custo-Max is the ideal refurbishment solution, where only limited shaft space is available.

  • MRL lift.
  • Ranging a load capacity from 300 to 630 Kg at a rated speed of 1M/S
  • Our gearless motor is light, compact, energy-efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Entrance configuration can be single, double at 90º or 180º, or triple.
  • Ideal where shaft space is limited. Highly competitive in space shaving.
  • Hyper reduced headroom and pit.
  • Easier to install and maintain.
  • Equipped with Direct approach system as standard.
  • Dispensation following the EN 81-21


  • Rated Load 300-630 kg
  • Max Speed 1.0 m/sec

    Metres per Second

  • Drive / Motor Type Gearless Electric Traction MRL
Control System / Shaft Reading
This product features the Direct Approach floor system to offer an unbeatable ride

Shaft Specifications

  • Minimum Headroom 2750 mm
  • Pit Depth 350 mm

    Metres per Second

  • Shaft Size 1300 - 1400 mm x 1240 - 1350 mm

    Width x Depth

Car / Cabin Specifications

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