LiftDesign Rhino Lift (Goods Only)

LiftDesign Rhino (Goods Only) Lift

A robust goods lift solution for industrial and commercial locations. The Rhino is a freestanding good lift, specifically designed for the goods-only environment. This unique design requires no machine room, no pit and no major building works.

  • Rated load: 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg and 2000kg.
  • Entrance configuration: Single or through entrance at 180º
  • Rated lifting speed: 0.15 metres/second
  • Maximum overall height: 12 metres
  • Headroom: Internal car height +600mm
  • Pit: 100mm, or pitless if the ramp option is chosen
  • Landing Doors: Shutter gates, 2 panel hinged option
  • Car Doors: Picket gates or doorless option
  • Internal car height: 1800, 1900, 2000, 2100 or 2200mm
  • Minimum necessary shaft widths: Car width +470mm
  • Minimum necessary shaft depth: Lift car depth +215mm
  • Control panel: Call and Send
  • Lift car width: From 1000 to 2000mm in 100mm increments
  • Lift car depths: From 1000 to 2000mm in 100mm increments


  • Rated Load 500 - 2000 kg
  • Max Speed 0.15 m/sec

    Metres per Second

  • Drive / Motor Type Electric Chain Drive
Control System / Shaft Reading
APB call and send lift control system from landings

Shaft Specifications

  • Minimum Headroom 700 mm
  • Pit Depth 100 mm

    Metres per Second

  • Shaft Size 1470 - 2470 mm x 1180 x 2180 mm

    Width x Depth

Car / Cabin Specifications

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