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The average cost of a home elevator servicing two floors will range between $44,900+GST – $84,900+GST. This will vary depending on a number of factors.

New Build or Retrofit

Although one may not necessarily cost more than the other, there are different considerations that go into installing a lift in a new building vs a retrofit. If a lift has been incorporated into a building from planning stages, then some of the foundation work will already have been laid for the lift to be installed. A retrofit may involve site-works that need to be completed prior to the lift being installed.

With either a new build or retrofit, you need to be aware of the entire cost involved when requesting a quote for a home lift. LiftDesign will act as your lift installation project managers by coordinating with architects, developers, builders and subcontractors to providing you with an upfront cost.

Factors that Impact Cost

There are a number of factors that may impact on the cost of a home lift installation:

Weight and Size

In deciding the weight (load capacity) and dimensions of your lift, LiftDesign will work with you to discuss your current and future plans for your home living. Planning for the present and the future will allow LiftDesign to recommend a residential lift model that is most suitable for your situation.

If retrofitting, available space may also be a determining factor, however LiftDesign are the experts when it comes to recommending the best retrofit solution for any multi-story home.

Travel Distance

Although the travel distance between floors generally falls within a set range, there are occasions when the distance may be more. The number of floors will also impact on the travel distance. Your home planning documents should be able to provide this information allowing LiftDesign to include the distance allowed for in the quote.

Materials and Additional Features

There are a number of material finishes available and these will vary in cost. Your lift needs to look and feel like it is a seamless part of your home design and decor. LiftDesign can recommend and provide costings on a number of material options.

Additional features are also available. Smart technology and digital displays, Glass Doors and/or walls, LED lighting inside the lift are just some of the additional features that can be included. In providing a quote LiftDesign can include these as part of the core cost or as optional extras

Get a Free Quote

The LiftDesign sales team are here to discuss your home lift requirements and provide you with a free quote. You can contact LiftDesign direct or submit a quote request where lift design will make contact with you to discuss your needs.

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